About Us:

Parenting Help UK is a great place to find some support for your parenting. Every parent needs some ideas to help them or some advice from time to time which can help you with toughest job in the world! - Being a Parent! 


With over 20 years of experience working with children, schools and families parenting-helpuk can offer you helpful advice and the necessary tools to assist every parent in a time where the job of being a parent has got tougher due to increased demands in every area of life. Equipping ourselves with more tools to make the job of raising children a little easier is the only sensible thing to do!



Judah S Racham, MBACP, (Dip-Couns)

Founder, Owner of Parenting-help UK.


BACP Reg, Person-Centred & Humanistic Counsellor, Behaviour Specialist

Parenting-help uk was developed by Judah Racham, after working for over 20 years supporting children and families in a variety of settings offering specialist advice.  


Judah Racham has gained recognition for his work within the field of parenting and the prevention and treatment of behaviour problems in children including children with additional needs.


Parenting-help aims to provide support that is evidenced-based and proven to bring positive change for families.


The evidence base for the approaches promoted by parenting-help have all been proven to be effective across cultures and socio-economic backgrounds.