Frequently asked questions

What can I gain from the courses/support you offer?

All of the support we offer contains a wide range of information and while not all of it may apply to your particular situation there are a number of subjects that might be a perfect fit for what you are looking for. Ask us for more information on any of the courses to find out more.

Why would I need this type of support I am already a very capable parent?

Seeking support for your parenting does not mean that you are doing a bad job currently. With most other areas in life we have some support in learning how to improve what we are doing and for every other thing we use in life we have a manual to read about it, however no child is born holding an instruction manual! Every parent therefore can benefit at one time or another from a bit more knowledge to help the job of parenting to be slightly easier.

How do I know that the support/advice you offer can be trusted?

All of the courses that we deliver with families have over 40 years of research behind them which have proven them to be effective ways to help parents bring positive changes in their childs behaviour. The evidence based information we give is well publicised and approved by the U.K govenrment as well as goverments in other countries around the world. The staff who will work with your family are both qualified and experienced in child development and have over 20 years experience in working with familes with a variety of challenges that they are facing. Our professionals have also worked for many years for a number of Local Authorities across the U.K and have worked successfully with hundreds of families and still provide consultancy for L.A's presently.