The Miraculous Job of Motherhood!

As a man who spends most of his time talking to parents (majority mothers) about their children and how they behave and helping them think through ideas for how to get more positive behaviour. I have at times been involved in discussions about how easy it is for a man in terms of the parenting role within a household, but also how this role is usually not as complex as a mothers role, which also will in most cases encompass the household duties of cooking, cleaning and washing in tandem with looking after the children’s daily needs. Whenever I have been involved in these discussions I have never disagreed with the women who have raised these views (I know better than to disagree with a room full of women!). But also even when I have discussed this with my own wife she also has been passionate about the multi-faceted role that a mother plays in comparison to what a man performs within the household. I have also for the most part always agreed with her as well (mostly for safety reasons) but I have also tried on occasions to defend my position as a father and the roles that I play in terms of the children’s upbringing and what I contribute to the family in terms of the provider role. However I have never really ever doubted sayings such as a ‘woman’s work is never done’ and other sayings of the like that depict women as the ultimate but somewhat unappreciated and underrated saviour of family life. My ultimate appreciation of the role of motherhood however rose to new and lofty heights in more recent months when I have had to experience more occasions when I am at home alone with my children and attempting to take on some if not all of the tasks that my wife has been doing silently for years. Needless to say that I was absolutely flabbergasted at the level of back breaking and painstaking relentlessness of the motherhood role, which is far more than just being a cook, cleaner and general dogsbody but also an educator, play specialist and parenting expert. The job (if you want to call it that because it’s not paid) is never ending and it requires hours and hours of being continually on your feet! After experiencing this for a few days I realised fully why most evenings my wife is struggling to keep her eyes open after 10pm. I have gained a new appreciation for what motherhood encompasses and I take off my hat, scarf and gloves to my wife and all the other mothers around the world who are going about their business everyday without fanfare or applause for what they do. I write this from a genuine newly gained awareness and not trying to score points with any female readers (namely my wife) As a father I do feel I have a vital role to play but it cannot be underestimated how much the miracle job of motherhood contributes to family life!

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